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TIW re-platforming initiative | DTCC
DTCC embraces the potential benefits offered by emerging technologies.
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DTCC Reaches Another Milestone in its Corporate Actions Transformation ...
Clients are now experiencing the full impact of efforts to modernize the way corporate actions are processed.
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Industry Announces Proposed Timeline for U.S. T+2 Settlement Cycle | DTCC
The Shortened Settlement Cycle Industry Steering Committee (ISC) has released a highly-anticipated white paper “Shortening the Settlement Cycle: The Move to T+2,” outlining the timeline and activities required to move to a two-day settlement cycle (T+2) in the U.S. for equities, corporate and municipal bonds, and unit investment trust (UIT) trades by Q3 2017.
Fintech is Focus of Discussion at DTCC Systemic Risk Roundtable | DTCC
The Systemic Risk Roundtable series is a component of DTCC’s ongoing engagement with its clients and key stakeholders to increase industry awareness of systemic risk issues and share insights on new tools and resources to help reduce systemic risk.
Cyber-Security: No Longer an Afterthought | DTCC
How can firms foster technological innovation while upholding a rigorous cyber-defense strategy? Problems can arise when companies run head first into innovation without considering potential risks.
Important Notices - Legal | DTCC
Download DTCC, DTC, FICC and NSCC important notices.
David S. Goone - Board of Directors | DTCC
David S. Goone is Chief Strategy Officer of Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (NYSE: ICE).