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Important Notices - Legal and Regulatory | DTCC Financial Services
Download DTCC, DTC, FICC and NSCC important notices to learn more about the recent changes and requirements in the financial industry. Click here to learn more.
Video - ETF Data from DTCC | DTCC
Video about ETF Data
LEIs in Asia With Nellie Dagdag | DTCC
DTCC’s Nellie Dagdag answers questions about LEIs in Asia.
Managing Change in Emerging Markets | DTCC
At DTCC’s first ever Thailand Industry Forum, organized jointly with the Stock Exchange of Thailand, industry participants were brought together to discuss evolving market and clients demands in today’s Digital Age where change is the only constant.
Panel: The Sell-Side Balancing Act | DTCC
Firms still face more work ahead to meet the next deadline of March 1, 2017, when another set of margin rules goes into effect.
Forthcoming Regulation Necessitates Automation | DTCC
A strategic investment in the back and middle office in order to build a zero-touch environment will have wide ranging benefits, including the reduction of costs and risks for the underlying client, and will ultimately ensure safer financial markets for all, says Tony Freeman, DTCC Executive Director, Industry Relations.
Prevention – Your First Line of Defense for CSDR | DTCC
Prevent your trades from failing in the first instance and you’ll have nothing to worry about under the new Settlement Discipline Regime (SDR), says Matthew Johnson, DTCC Associate Director, ITP Product Management at DTCC.
Regulatory Rule Filings - Legal & Regulatory | DTCC Financial Services
Explore DTCC's Regulatory Rule Filing section to get details on advance notices, amendments, implementation timeframe, proposed rule changes, risk management etc.
IBM’s Cuomo Outlines Keys to Putting Blockchain into Practice | DTCC
Jerry Cuomo, Vice President of Blockchain Technologies at IBM, called upon the financial services industry to rally around an openly governed blockchain model.
DTCC Comments on New ASIC Chairman James Shipton | DTCC
DTCC welcomes the recent appointment of James Shipton as Chairman of ASIC and we look forward to his contributions to the important work of ASIC in promoting safety and confidence in Australia's financial system.