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Prevention – Your First Line of Defense for CSDR | DTCC
Prevent your trades from failing in the first instance and you’ll have nothing to worry about under the new Settlement Discipline Regime (SDR), says Matthew Johnson, DTCC Associate Director, ITP Product Management at DTCC.
New Regulations are Multiplying Challenges for Buy-Side | DTCC
When it rains, it pours, which couldn’t be any truer for buy-side firms when it comes to the perfect storm of new regulations going live in 2020. On top of rules that have already come into force in recent years, the buy-side faces an unprecedented degree of financial and operational challenges in 2020 and beyond.
Settlement: From Optimization to Modernization | DTCC
DTCC has implemented some important changes to the settlement night cycle, further increasing their processing efficiencies with little to no development work for their clients.
Regulatory Rule Filings - Legal & Regulatory | DTCC Financial Services
Explore DTCC's Regulatory Rule Filing section to get details on advance notices, amendments, implementation timeframe, proposed rule changes, risk management etc.
SFTR: What it Means for Firms in Asia | DTCC
In this two-part video series, Oliver Williams, Head of Repository and Derivative Services, Non-Japan Asia at DTCC, discusses how SFTR will impact firms in Asia and how to prepare from an operational perspective.
By-Laws, Rules and Procedures - Legal and Regulatory | DTCC
View the rules and procedures that govern each clearing agency's operations, including information on default procedures or insolvency. Click here to learn more.
How is market volatility impacting money market securities? | DTCC
Weekly insights into what our data is showing.
DTCC Readies Edinburgh for Regulatory Deadlines | DTCC
DTCC teamed up with the Scottish Investment Operations to educate its members about two critical regulations coming up in 2020 and how DTCC is preparing for their implementation.
New Insurance Service Solves Challenge for Asset Managers | DTCC
Barbara Smith, Head of DTCC I&RS, discusses FAM, a new service which brings the efficiency of DTCC’s centralized network to asset managers in the insurance industry.
Trade Matching, Settlement & Asset Services | DTCC
DTCC's suite of post-trade solutions including straight through processing, settlement services for security trades & asset servicing for securities issues.